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Chelsea Top Chants (Page 10) Football Chants

Stamford Bridge letting everyone know they are back on top form!

7978 Goal Kick Sung when opposition keeper takes a goal kick
8002 Gerrard Is A... Steven Gerrard - Ed: Not the views of the management
8024 We Want You To Stay! Sung to the Guss himself
8071 Going Down Wigan, Wolves and all that sh*te Playlist
8175 Branny Ivanovic Super Branny Ivanovic
8339 Gerrard's In Prison, What's His Missus Doing? Oh Alex Curran, you typical Scouse (Ed: Sorry SG - this by no means reflect the views of those at Fanchants Towers)
8377 Taking The P*ss HAHAHA
8414 Proud To Love The Chelsea You better be
8417 Joey Cole For the boy wonder. Playlist
8686 Cheryl Cole Song avin a go
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8816 Empty Seats When at poorly supported away teams
8820 You're Not Famous Anymore Sung by Chelsea FC fans to Nottingham Forest fans
8876 Frank Lebeouf One for a quality former player
9070 Chelsea Alouette If you don't want such a wife...
9259 The Best Behaved Supporters It's true you know. Both of them :)
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