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Glentoran Top Chants Football Chants

Football club playing in the Northern Ireland Leagues, N Ireland

4778 Kop Stand Sung at Windsor when Linfield as normal don't sing.
5386 Glentoran We Love You The Classic We love you We do song Playlist
6576 Cheer up David Jeffrey Glentoren having a go at Linfield
7155 Here, Here Great football chant
7730 Shankill Road (against the Blues) The scum in the slum (usually changed to In your Coleraine slums or North Belfast depending on opposition...)
8242 Green 'N' Red Army! Classic Green 'n' Red Army chant.
8301 Shane McCabe Wouldn't swap him
8327 Scratch a Crue For the Crusaders/Linfield love in.
8548 You're British, and You Know You Are. Sung at (London)derry City.
8874 Big Davy For the big man
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8902 Roll Us a Joint Left the Glens for Dope smoking. Now Judas doesn't hear the end of it.
9455 If You Want to Go to Heaven When You Die Death suit and tie
10034 Section F Sung at Section F-ake
10444 Seany Ward Seany, Seany Ward!!!!!!
10533 Pride of the County Down An old classic mostly only sung on the buses now.
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