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Wycombe Top Chants (Page 2) Football Chants

The Chairboys on their feet at Adams Park

13189 Let's All Wave At Wadden Waving at our manager Gary Playlist
13210 Paul Lambert Our old manager, well rid Playlist
13222 Waddock, Give Us A Wave Getting a wave from our manager Playlist
13242 Tommy's Gonna Get You For our old midfielder Tommy Doherty Playlist
13268 Gary Waddock's Barmy Army Great chant for our manager Playlist
13747 We're Going To P*** On Your Party When the opponents need a win to be promoted/champions
13949 Wycombe's Going Up We are going up
13972 He's McNamee Anthony McNamee
13994 Nice One Cyril Old school Wycombe Cyrille Regis hero worshipping.
14253 Gary Holt! The defensive rock at the heart of the Wycombe midfield
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14899 Westwood's Got A Gun To the tune of Baby, Give It Up.
15629 You Are My Wycombe We love our boys and show it
15950 The Football League Is Upside Down When suffering a particularly heavy defeat and at the wrong end of the table
16177 We're Wycombe Wanderers Classic, woaaah
16200 We Hate Col U Wycombe Wanderers Havin' a go at rivals Colchester United.
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