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Hartlepool Top Chants (Page 3) Football Chants

The 'pool sing loud and proud

11898 You Fat... For lard lad, whoever they are Playlist
11899 Your Support Usually sung at away games Playlist
11969 You're Not Singing Anymore All gone quiet over there Playlist
12109 You're Not Famous Anymore Having another go at Leeds. Playlist
12205 Duh Duh Duh Duh Richie Barker Good one for yer ringtone! Playlist
12310 Off, Off, Off He's got to go ref Playlist
12577 Danny Wilson's Barmy Army For our former boss Playlist
12646 Championship Hilarious. Sung to Leeds last time we were there. Lucky! Playlist
12809 Shut Up Sit Down Sit down and be quiet Playlist
12902 Get Into 'em Lets have it Playlist
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16729 We Love You Maidens R.I.P Michael Maidens from all the pools supporters
16749 Stand Up If You're One Goal Up See Youtube: after Browny's goal at Carlisle
17328 We're Gonna Win The League we are going to win the league
17364 Do The Godwin Antwi Hope you all doing it
18259 We All Hate Leeds Scum Hate them to a man
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