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Carlisle Top Chants (Page 3) Football Chants

The Warwick's blue army in fine voice

9215 Your Support All gone quiet over there Playlist
9350 Soft Southerners You're going home in a Cumbrian ambulance Playlist
9428 Wembley, Wembley See you there, Carlisle at Wembley! Playlist
9517 What's The Score Well? Playlist
9715 Cockney Rent Boy AImed at cockneys believe it or not Playlist
9794 Who Are Ya? Nobodies... Playlist
9876 You're S*it Terrible for them Playlist
10204 Sit Down, Shut Up Now they start Playlist
10893 Dirty Yorkshire Have this chant set as a profile for when your Leeds mates call Playlist
10900 Take Me Home No lyrics for this one - do you know them? Playlist
10920 Johnny Ward's Blue Army One sang when we had him as manager Playlist
11423 W*nker, W*nker, W*nker Aimed at someone we don't like Playlist
11445 2 Nil To The Cumbrians Sung, well, when we're 2 nil up... Playlist
11584 Cheerio Sung when the opposition are leaving early Playlist
11599 You Are My Carlisle Carlisle is my sunshine Playlist
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