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Brentford Top Chants (Page 3) Football Chants

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7980 Roberts, What's The Score Having a go at Dagenhams fat boy goalie Playlist
8283 Went To Mow Ed: We weren't sent in the lyrics for this one. If you know 'em just comment and we'll sort it. Playlist
8313 Our Brentford Why not have our own anthem ?
8531 Super Brentford A rouser to get us and the team going, great to sing and top Brentford ringtone Playlist
8826 Que Sera, Sera Wembley! Playlist
9081 We're The Barcelona Of The Lower League The biggest team in the lower leagues Playlist
9384 W*nker Not keen on 'im Playlist
9608 B.R.E.N.T.F.O.R.D Spell it out, great Brentford football chant Playlist
9631 Who's That Team We Call The Brentford Adoration Playlist
9917 We Are The Brentford Boys Fulham run from Brentford
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9919 Hark Now Here Taking over the Cottage
9943 West London La La La West is best Playlist
10111 Off! Send the scum bag off Playlist
10181 You're Not Fit To Referee That doesn't mean he's injured Playlist
10462 Whose Gunna Win The JPT Good old song to get the crowd motivated for the JPT final in wembley
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