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Brentford Top Chants (Page 2) Football Chants

Bees buzzin' around Griffin Park.

6509 You're So Loud You Sound Like Aldershot Sing up for ferks sake Playlist
6587 Sit Down, Shut Up Just sit down and shut up, sung when they do as they are told Playlist
6809 We Hate Fulham Despise the scum down the river Playlist
6958 You Reds Another that is just what it says, You Reds! Playlist
7276 You're Not Fit To Referee That doesn't mean he's injured Playlist
7618 Number 1 Having a go at the goalie Playlist
7653 The Referee No point in rules if you don't follow em Playlist
7664 You Are Tottenham's Rent Boys Funny chant sang to The Orient Playlist
7837 Who The Hell Are You Not that we really care Playlist
8017 East London West is best... Playlist
8139 Come On Brentford, Come On Makes a great ringtone for your mobile Playlist
8200 We're The Red And White Army Classic chant Playlist
8368 La La La Lalalala, Lalalala, Brentford Got to love the 'woo' in this Playlist
8373 You're Not Very Good Really not good at all Playlist
8390 Fat Boy, What's The Score? Another one having a go at fatty Playlist
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