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AFC Bournemouth Top Chants (Page 6) Football Chants

The Cherries by the sea - roarin' it out...

16782 Who Ate All The Pies? All the pies are gone
16928 Local Club Sung at glory hunters
16974 Nah Nah Nah Bournemouth Hey jude bournemouth!
17196 5 Only Singing Rubbish fans deserve it
17379 Ya Dads A Soldier Sung at Aldershot
17431 Attack Come on Attack
17532 Hello Hello Watch out scummers!
17870 E I E I E I O... Eddie Is Our King!
17910 Dirty Northern B*stards sung v northerners
18336 East Stand Singers Get used to the East Stand singing
18561 Eddie The King The greatest manager of them all
18780 Who Are Leeds United Who are Leeds!
18846 Fletch Is Gonna Get You Sung at the player Fletch is havin' a go at
18855 F*cking Pathetic Sung At Crap Fans Or When The Opposite Team Is Playing Badly
18897 Scummy Leeds Scum
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