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AFC Bournemouth Top Chants (Page 6) Football Chants

The Cherries by the sea - roarin' it out...

16102 Eddie The King The greatest manager of them all
16507 Who Are Leeds United Who are Leeds!
16626 F*cking Pathetic Sung At Crap Fans Or When The Opposite Team Is Playing Badly
16813 Blue Square Wants You Back Go back down Torquay
16898 Your Favourite Song S*it song
17009 Fish Lovin' V2 If You're From Grimsby...
17188 Local Club Sung at glory hunters
17271 Worst Support Worst support got to be glory hunters
17320 If You Hate Leeds Untied (Extended) Loads Of People Will Clap Along To This
17652 De De De Super Fletcher He's super for a reason
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17764 Get In To 'Em get in to em
18027 Sheep S*aggers To those Yorkshire s*aggers
18039 Is Your Ground Big Enough? v Darlington away
18188 Super Marvin Bartley sung to marvin bartley when he is playing well
18391 We're Looking At Leeds Just look at them
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