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AFC Bournemouth Top Chants (Page 2) Football Chants

The Cherries by the sea - roarin' it out...

5643 Everywhere We Go Great chant. Ed: top marks to the fella leading the line on this one Playlist
5832 We All Hate Leeds Scum to a man, we all hate em Playlist
5867 Sing When You're Winning Come on sing up lightweights Playlist
6075 Come On You Reds A classic hairs on the back of neck football chant Playlist
6457 Super Fletch For ex striker. Fletcher was released by Bournemouth at the end of the 2006-07 season Playlist
6572 Falling In Love With You Great song sung well (Ed: Sorry we seem to be missing the start of the chant Playlist
6584 We Pay Your Benefits Money well spent Playlist
6856 Boscombe Back of the net! Playlist
7240 Stand up if you love Bournemouth Obviously sung when stood up Playlist
7346 Red Army faster version, another great Bournemouth ringtone for the mobile Playlist
7508 Who Are Leeds United Has beens and nobodys Playlist
7731 Who Are Ya Tell us who you are Playlist
7870 You're Supposed To Be At Home Sung when they all go quiet cos they are outsung by the Bournemouth Playlist
8155 We Forgot That You Were Here Sung when they sing up eventually Playlist
8425 S*it Ground, No Fans Sang away when they don't sell out their s*ithole Playlist
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