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Plymouth Top Chants (Page 7) Football Chants

Proper pilgrimage.

16026 We Are The City Haters! Nuff said
16332 He's Watching Porn On His Laptop! Sung when someone from the media's on their laptop!
16456 Drink Up The Cider! Zider..
16479 Scotland Because of all our Scottish team.
16693 Hark Now Hear To our pussy rivals.
16705 They Don't Care About.. To the board and Japs!!
16741 Cheer Up Exeter.. Oh what can it mean..
16929 Get Out Of Our Club! To the board and Japs!!
17148 Shall I Be Argyle, Shall I Be City?
17210 Green Army, Loyalist Army! new..
17249 Que Sera Sera.. Haha got to laugh or we'll cry.
17331 Your So S*** It's Unbelievable Shout at teams who are losing ... Badly
17357 Abdou Ex player Nadjum (Jimmy) Abdou.
17430 Poor City Fan.. Another for Exeter
17562 Number 2 Steward No2
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