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Plymouth Top Chants (Page 7) Football Chants

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16729 Who Needs Ebanks-Blake We don't need him, Just look at what we did to Bristol City
16733 He's Watching Porn On His Laptop! Sung when someone from the media's on their laptop!
16852 Bounce Around We all live in a yellow submarine
16879 Have U Ever Sh*gged A Sheep? Chanted at Cardiff fans
17078 Dada Argyle Argyle classic
17099 If You All Hate Cardiff Should be sung at every match
17224 City Scum! Scum..
17274 We Are Stayin' Up we are stayin' up
17284 Empty Seats good chants
17379 Scotland Because of all our Scottish team.
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17385 Shall I Be Argyle, Shall I Be City?
17418 Alan Gow, My Lord Old chant as he doesn't play for us anymore Playlist
17531 Oh Exeter We hate Exeter
17562 Torquay United For Torquay
17613 Hark Now Hear To our pussy rivals.
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