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Plymouth Top Chants (Page 7) Football Chants

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17996 Block 16 Sang when the atmosphere is good in block 16.
18041 Argyle Till I Die Always have been, always will be.
18135 All Hate Swansea all hate swansea
18215 You Cause All The Trouble To all the stewards.
18265 Bolasie ..Bolasie!
18344 Always Sh*t On The Welsh Side Of The Bridge.. Sung to Cardiff and Swansea
18436 Umpa Steward So short...
18561 Come In A Taxi! for sh*t away support..
18634 Follow Follow Trying to get it going Timar.
18655 S*it Refs To s*it refs.
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18666 Deducted 10 Points A new favourite at Home Park
18704 Inbred Scum Exeter City...
18819 Peter Halmosi Sung to Peter Halmosi when he was on fire
18909 We All Dream Of A Team Of Larrieu's Le 'Keeper
18925 One Stand Bigger Than Your Ground! Also sung at small stadiums
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