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16635 Down The Football League's :)!
16650 E I E I E I O Classic Plymouth chant.
16680 Always Sh*t On The Welsh Side Of The Bridge.. Sung to Cardiff and Swansea
16727 A-R-G-Y-L-E Argyle are the team for me..
16828 Poor City Fan.. Another for Exeter
16876 Build A Bonfire Chanted at Bristol City fans.
16881 Have U Ever Sh*gged A Sheep? Chanted at Cardiff fans
16888 When Peter Goes Marching Down The Wing peter halmosi=legend
16907 Stand Up Just To P*ss Them Off, F*ckin stewards.
16975 Dockyard Shed Heard at the Argyle match against Arsenal
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17056 Your Ground's Too Big For You! Sung to MK Dons..
17065 This Is How It Feels To Be City inbreds!!
17090 Winning At Home A favourite if we're winning at the Theatre Of Greens
17108 Timar The beast.
17125 Get Your Growler Out To the munted steward.
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