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Plymouth Top Chants (Page 7) Football Chants

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14024 Oh Exeter We hate Exeter
14085 West Country La La La God's own country. Playlist
14149 Who Needs Ebanks-Blake We don't need him, Just look at what we did to Bristol City
14223 Deducted 10 Points A new favourite at Home Park
14381 Sign On! Sung to Tranmere when they came down.
14461 Build A Bonfire Chanted at Bristol City fans.
14469 Have U Ever Sh*gged A Sheep? Chanted at Cardiff fans
14484 When Peter Goes Marching Down The Wing peter halmosi=legend
14798 2-0 And You... When the opposition team loses when they were 2-0 up
14825 Come On Argyle Come on! Playlist
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14889 What Do You Think Of Exeter? For the dung up the road..
14993 Timar The beast.
15039 Stand Up Just To P*ss Them Off, F*ckin stewards.
15064 Green And Mean green and mean
15082 Let's Pretend We Scored A Goal Sing when we're losing
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