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Plymouth Top Chants (Page 7) Football Chants

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16403 Your So S*** It's Unbelievable Shout at teams who are losing ... Badly
16657 Dockyard Shed Heard at the Argyle match against Arsenal
16665 Get Into 'Em Funny chant usually sung when we are losin
16732 City Inbred Scum! inbred scum
16771 Down The Football League's :)!
16882 David Norris Scum.
16962 My Garden Shed!! Sung at small stadiums
17064 Ashley, Ashley Barnes Our no 24
17099 You'll Have No Fans Left Sang to the stewards.
17103 Stand Up If You Love Argyle Stand up and sing
17128 Arnason! Kari Arnason!
17131 City Scum! Scum..
17178 Third World Country! Sung to Cardiff and Swansea
17187 Your Ground's Too Big For You! Sung to MK Dons..
17197 This Is How It Feels To Be City inbreds!!
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