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16452 We Pay Your Wages To the stewards again!
16489 Bolasie ..Bolasie!
16493 One Stand Bigger Than Your Ground! Also sung at small stadiums
16670 Greens Good Argyle tune.
16706 The Long And The Short And The Tall We are Argyle!
16808 Green And Mean green and mean
16850 Build A Bonfire Chanted at Bristol City fans.
16862 When Peter Goes Marching Down The Wing peter halmosi=legend
16912 We All Follow The Argyle! Everywhere
17064 They're Not Getting Paid.. Playing with no pay..
  Premier League Betting
17079 Timar The beast.
17095 Stand Up Just To P*ss Them Off, F*ckin stewards.
17118 Stéphane Zubar Zubarrrr!
17291 E I E I E I O Classic Plymouth chant.
17317 Get Your Growler Out To the munted steward.
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