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13243 Mackems, Give A Song Winding the Smoggies up Playlist
13525 Leroy Lita Not keen Playlist
13689 Do Do Do Lewis Alessandra Sang about our little no.7 (to the tune of 'Come on lets do the Conga') Playlist
14619 Green Army, Loyalist Army! new..
14639 Greens Good Argyle tune.
14659 Shall I Be Argyle, Shall I Be City?
14686 We Are Stayin' Up we are stayin' up
14697 Empty Seats good chants
14827 Build A Bonfire Chanted at Bristol City fans.
14834 Poor City Fan.. Another for Exeter
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14841 When Peter Goes Marching Down The Wing peter halmosi=legend
15059 1 Port In England Chanted at Portsmouth fans
15067 Timar The beast.
15087 Stand Up Just To P*ss Them Off, F*ckin stewards.
15179 Singing Ends Zoo Corner and Dem'port sing at eachother!
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