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Plymouth Top Chants (Page 4) Football Chants

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7015 Build A Bonfire Chanted at Bristol City fans.
7029 My Garden Shed!! Sung at small stadiums
7039 When Peter Goes Marching Down The Wing peter halmosi=legend
7085 Greens Good Argyle tune.
7181 All Hate Swansea all hate swansea
7393 We Will Never Die! P.A.F.C forever
7571 There's Only One Gareth Southgate Rubbing their faces in it at the Boro Playlist
7587 Third World Country! Sung to Cardiff and Swansea
7596 Timar The beast.
7609 Your Ground's Too Big For You! Sung to MK Dons..
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7630 This Is How It Feels To Be City inbreds!!
7790 You Dirty Northern... Sang to .....well everybody Playlist
7892 We All Hate City! ..
8103 W*nker Great ringtone material Playlist
8171 Stand Up Just To P*ss Them Off, F*ckin stewards.
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