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13495 Do Do Do Lewis Alessandra Sang about our little no.7 (to the tune of 'Come on lets do the Conga') Playlist
13543 Leroy Lita Not keen Playlist
15125 Always Sh*t On The Welsh Side Of The Bridge.. Sung to Cardiff and Swansea
15141 Is That All You Take Away To s*it support like Colchester.
15186 We All Hate City! ..
15263 City Inbred Scum! inbred scum
15412 Who Needs Ebanks-Blake We don't need him, Just look at what we did to Bristol City
15469 My Garden Shed!! Sung at small stadiums
15481 Your Ground's Too Big For You! Sung to MK Dons..
15488 This Is How It Feels To Be City inbreds!!
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15539 Red Red Robin Chant sung about Bristol City.
15639 All Gone Quiet When the other fans go quite
15688 Third World Country! Sung to Cardiff and Swansea
15745 Fletch!! For the Captain..
15902 Follow, Follow, Follow.. Follow, follow, follow..
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