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13525 Mackems, Give A Song Winding the Smoggies up Playlist
13627 Leroy Lita Not keen Playlist
13680 Do Do Do Lewis Alessandra Sang about our little no.7 (to the tune of 'Come on lets do the Conga') Playlist
14499 You Cause All The Trouble To all the stewards.
14559 Clarky! Song for our Chris Clark
14579 We All Follow The Argyle! Everywhere
14700 We Love You, We Love You, We Love You.. We love you..
14704 You Don't Know What Your Doin Sung at refs when a decision dosen't go our way
14708 Reidy Says Bounce Around The Ground! Plymouth manager Peter Reid
14724 All Gone Quiet When the other fans go quite
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14727 Umpa Steward So short...
14783 Peter Reid Reidy..
14892 Peter Halmosi Sung to Peter Halmosi when he was on fire
14927 Follow Follow Trying to get it going Timar.
14945 S*it Refs To s*it refs.
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