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10448 The Championship Is Upside Down Wrong order Playlist
10723 Holly, Holly For the old boss, we loved him really Playlist
10912 Small Town in Tyneside Not the best recording but worth a mention to rip the Smoggies Playlist
11096 There's Only One Gareth Southgate Rubbing their faces in it at the Boro Playlist
11372 Mariner Give Us A Wave Ex Argyle player and manager Paul Mariner Playlist
11461 One Nil To the Argyle Playlist
11712 We Want Strachan Out Ironic chant for the Smoggies Playlist
11733 W*nker Great ringtone material Playlist
11923 There's Only One Jamie Mackie Legendary goal scorerof ours Playlist
11989 Easy Piece of cake man Playlist
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12179 Romain Larrieu A chant for our old French player Playlist
12188 Jamie Mackie Fox in the box. Playlist
12333 We Hate Exeter Sung to our old mates from up the line Playlist
13077 Alan Gow, My Lord Old chant as he doesn't play for us anymore Playlist
13174 Mackems, Give A Song Winding the Smoggies up Playlist
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