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Grimsby Top Chants (Page 4) Football Chants

The mariners are lost at sea?

14522 Akpa Akpro Grimsby song for Akpa Akpro
14702 Tiptoe Through the Pontoon Not sung these days
14948 Billy Rudd Dazzling Down the Wing To Robin Hood obviously
15108 One Man Went to Kill Having a go at Bradford usually
15611 Neil Woodsy Black and White Army good chant
15690 Pontoon Army All aboard the Pontoon army!
16975 Super John McDermott Legend
17175 Oh I Do Like to Be Beside the Seaside Those were the days!
17433 Bertie Mee Said to Bill Shankly Oldie
17502 10 German Bombers in the Air One to wind the Germans up
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17566 If You All Hate Scunny get the gist - we h8 scunny!
18173 We're Black, We're White Mariners
18433 Black and White Army Its black and white for Grimsby fans in this classic.
18444 What's That Creeping out of Your Bed Funny, but creepy Grimsby Town Song to the sound of The Automatic.
18699 Brighton Rock Mariners rockin the boat.
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