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The mariners are lost at sea?

3192 Greasy Chip Butty Classic originated by Grimsby Playlist
3774 Sing When We're Fishin' Mariners still fishin for that No 1 hit! Playlist
4704 We P*ss on Your Fish Hehe (Ed: Never have fish and chips in Grimsby, not that you would anyway:)) Playlist
5141 Falling in Love - Grimsby brilliant old chant (Ed: Sorry the start is missing form this one, has the all imortant chorus though) Playlist
5257 Spell It Out - Grimsby Brilliant chant, fair play to the fella whose leading the chant Playlist
6154 Let's Pretend We Scored a Goal When we're desperate for some action, it's followed by goal celebrations, even when Grimsby haven't scored! Playlist
6653 Sing Yer Hearts Out Come on sing up Playlist
6676 Peter Till We've got Peter Till Playlist
7822 Fish (Clap) Funny as f*ck (Ed: For those of you unaware, mainly overseas vistors, Grimsby is a fishing town) Playlist
7928 What a Waste of Council Tax Funny Grimsby football chant, aimed at the police Playlist
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8008 When the Town Goes Steaming In Classic football song, sung elsewhere, but nowhere better than Grimsby Playlist
8381 Grimsby Till I Die True forever more. Great classic football chant Playlist
8924 We Are Town Sing it loud and proud, simple, but good Grimsby chant Playlist
9037 Stand Up If You're 4-1 Down Dark football humour, laughing in the face of adversity Playlist
9113 We Love You Grimsby, We Do Sung with feeling, top Grimsby download for the mobile Playlist
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