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Gillingham Top Chants (Page 2) Football Chants

Kent's finish fans the gills

7565 Que Sera Sera We're going to Wembley! Playlist
7568 Championship Yer Having A Laugh Who do they think they are. Sung to teams with ridiculous aspirations Playlist
7696 In Your Northern Slums Scumbags Playlist
7779 When The Gills Go Marching In I wanna be in that number Playlist
8565 We Hate Swindon Nuff said Playlist
8779 Let's Go Mental Let's 'ave it Playlist
8878 Scally Telling our chairman where to go Playlist
8983 Hark Now Hear The Gillingham sing... Playlist
9124 Sing Your Hearts Sing for the players... Playlist
9175 Der De Der Gillingham Classic chant sung by the Gills Playlist
9312 One Peter Ridsdale Sung to Leeds fans Playlist
9570 The Football League Is Upside Down We're going up Playlist
9687 Hello Surrender or die Playlist
9692 You're Not Famous Sung to teams such as Leeds Playlist
9776 We Want Scally Out Scally Out! Playlist
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