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Cheltenham Town Top Chants (Page 3) Football Chants

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11373 Downing Give Us a Wave Sung to Keith Downing who was temporary manager in the 07/ 08 season Playlist
11674 Jerry, Jerry, Jerry Easy and simple Cheltenham hero worship for legend Jerry Gill Playlist
12239 Alex Russell Wonderland Plays for Cheltenham Town as a central midfielder. Playlist
12542 Steven Gillespie Sadly gone to Colchester Playlist
13150 Damian Spencer Spencer is 6'1" tall and weighs 14 stone. Spencer's size and physical game have earned him the nicknames 'Big D' and 'The Tank' Playlist
13185 If Jerry Scores Over the top we comrades go Playlist
16791 Ooh Ahh Cheltenham Spa Not sung as much as it used to be, but a classic.
16949 Dave Bird Cheltenham chant for our midfileder
17116 The County Is Ours we hate Gloucester
17432 Super Cheltenham Cheltenham sometimes sing this
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17862 Build a Bonfire Build a bonfire
17966 Crackhead Cheltenham fans to some Leyton Orient chav fans
18025 Alan Wright Our Defender
18168 In the Gloucester Slums Gloucester slum scum
18211 Julian Alsop BANANA MANNNNN
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