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Blackpool Top Chants Football Chants

Tangerines singing by the seaside.

366 Blackpool Are Back For good and going up. Playlist
830 Your Support One we sing when they're not supporting Playlist
1588 When I Was Just a Little Boy We hate 'em. Full version, not the best quality recording. Playlist
2137 Great Escape - Blackpool Another der der - variation on the theme Playlist
2258 You're Not Singing Anymore Sung when we put a couple past 'em, quality. Playlist
2519 Holloway's Tangerine Army Always and forever Playlist
3442 Glad All Over Sung when Blackpool score Playlist
3763 Lancashire Is Wonderful Full of good stuff Playlist
3783 Interbred Burnley Scum Bless em, love is in the air. Playlist
4437 Wonder What It's Like to Be Preston Not great Playlist
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5796 Wings of an Angel Sung against the Dirty Preston or the Inbreds at Burnley
5797 There's Only One Charlie Adam There's only one - old scorer of ours Playlist
6044 Grayson's Barmy Army Telling the opposition who we are Playlist
6055 Time to Go! When we're winning and there fans are leaving early! Playlist
6198 Can You Hear the Preston Sing? Thought not Playlist
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