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Macclesfield Town Top Chants Football Chants

From rags to riches the silkman a cometh

7670 Oh Macclesfield Straight to the point! Playlist
8749 Na Na Na Na Macclesfield Bit of Bananarama for ya! Playlist
8775 It's Good to Be Macc Good to be a Macc lad Playlist
8840 Ring of Fire - Silkmen Army Classic! Great ringtone. Playlist
8908 Just Like Watching Brazil No seriously... Playlist
8989 Come on Silkmen! Rally the troops! Playlist
9562 Der Der Der Silkmen Anthem! Playlist
9665 Blue Army! Great ringtone material Playlist
10104 Down the Road We'll be coming... Playlist
10438 I O Silkmen Nice chant.. Playlist
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11431 We Love You Silkmen We Do Who do we love? Playlist
11989 1 Nil to the Silkmen Boys That'll be one up then.. Playlist
11996 Silkmen! Silkmen Simples... Playlist
12163 Spell It Out On 3. After me... Playlist
12523 Dale Cavese Macc Great chant. Ideal ringtone! Playlist
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