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Luton Top Chants (Page 2) Football Chants

Mad as ruddy Hatters.

16394 We Hate Watford We hate Watford
16601 Luton Aggro Come on then....
16603 Are You Watford In Disguise? Sang when we play someone s*it
16828 We Love You Luton We do
17050 L-U-T-O-N And what have you got?!
17055 Town In Sheffield Sang to Barnsley fans away
17262 Anti Crewe Supporter. Some really fat bird, we spotted her.
17294 His Armband Says He Runs The Town, Nico, Nico Kevin Nicholls
17479 Olay Olay Olay Olay,.. Always sung, every game.
17511 Running Down The Wing Viva Asa Hall
17661 Town Are Going Up Now you're gonna believe us
17992 S**t Ground 2-1 Sung to a team when Luton are winning at home.
18095 F Em All We are the Luton and we are the best
18290 Luton Town Lads Are Staying Up! F*** the Football League
18578 Wembley's Too Small For Us Sung after the attendance is anounced at Wembley
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