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Luton Top Chants (Page 2) Football Chants

Mad as ruddy Hatters.

13446 The Watford Family De der de dum, click, click.
13727 Luton Aggro Come on then....
14006 You What Sang when we don't know what they are doing
14022 Can You Hear The Scousers Sing? We all hate scousers
14419 Mike Newell Luton post Grimsby
14518 He's Only A Poor Little Hornet Poor little Hornet
14960 We Hate Watford We hate Watford
15218 Tom Craddock Ooooh Super Tommy Craddock!
15381 Are You Watford In Disguise? Sang when we play someone s*it
15800 We Love You Luton We do
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16202 L-U-T-O-N And what have you got?!
16634 His Armband Says He Runs The Town, Nico, Nico Kevin Nicholls
17049 Running Down The Wing Viva Asa Hall
17404 Who Put The Ball In The Arsenal Net.. Brunooooooooooo
17846 Oh When The Town An old classic
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