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Bark at the loon, keep tut track.

7829 I Wanna Be a Wanderers Ranger Live my life in danger
7852 Have You Eaten All Your Mates A fat loner
7864 Keogh, Keogh Irish legend in the making Andy Keogh. Playlist
7997 Super Mick's Barmy Army Mick McCarthy's artillery.
8180 Rather Be a Dingle Sang when albion calls us fat dingle b***ards Playlist
8214 Charge in a Minute, Away at Birmingham
8246 Glory Hunters where were you?
8271 Elokobi Der der der - One for Georgey Playlist
8301 Cheer Up Tony Mowbray. Tony Mowbray is a w*nker.
8321 Lee Hughes Lee Hughes mrs song as she is a lap dancer
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8323 Deliah Only Takes It Up The... Sung to Stoke when they sing their Delilah song
8685 EIEIEIO McCarthy the king of Molineux
8725 Five of you singing useless support
8754 Kevin For super Kevin Foley
8765 Not Even a City Not Even a Town This is a new one. Get it going around the south bank
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