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Portsmouth Top Chants Football Chants

Pompey singing so loud you can hear 'em in Southampton!

329 Play Up Pompey One of the most famous anthems and a must have ringtone. Playlist
711 Portsmouth Till I Die Hallelujah to that (and beyond). Playlist
744 We Love You Portsmouth Great Portsmouth ringtone for the mobile. Playlist
801 And It's Portsmouth City All together now, old classic... Playlist
1021 Hello Hello We Are The Portsmouth Boys Who do we hate more than Panorama? You guessed it. Playlist
1959 Let's All Have A Disco You can tell by the way they walk, they are womens men, no time to talk. Playlist
2351 Der Der Der Portsmouth Another old time classic. Great ringtone! Playlist
2672 Stand Up If You Hate The Scum Stand up and be counted, we all hate the scummers. Playlist
3285 Blue Army A timeless classic for any die hard fan. Playlist
3548 Da Da Dadada Da Da Simple but very effective - like our play! Playlist
3556 He's Only A Poor Little Scummer And now he don't sing any more - never did. Playlist
4288 We're Gonna Win The League You better believe it, Harry army's on the up. Playlist
4325 Your Support Giving it to 'em straight. Playlist
4365 Don't Sing Or You'll Wake Them Up How many times do we hear...nothing Playlist
4542 Who Are Ya (With Bells On) The bells, the bells. Play Up Mr Pompey. Playlist
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Portsmouth football songs and chants are available as MP3 for use on PC's, xBox, Playstation and for computer games FIFA 2014 and Pro Evo Soccer. The best Portsmouth FC football chant from the Division 2

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