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Pompey singing so loud you can hear 'em in Southampton!

475 Eric the Viking Tribute to Erik Husselklepp Playlist
492 Super Matthew Taylor Our former left back. Playlist
789 Southerners, La, La, La Civilisation as we know it. Playlist
1049 Benjani A classic song for our former African hitman. Playlist
1218 Wembley Wembley Pompey on their way...
1608 Can We Play You Every Week? Sung to teams when we're thrashing them, particularly the scum
1724 Chim Chim Cher-ee Portsmouth Rooney or Kanu? You decide. Playlist
2303 If You All Hate the Scummers clap your hands
2397 Der Der Der Portsmouth Another old time classic. Great ringtone! Playlist
3074 Hello Hello We Are the Portsmouth Boys Who do we hate more than Panorama? You guessed it. Playlist
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3629 We're All Going on a Euopean Tour Sung in Portugal vs Vittoria Guimaraes & Braga
3749 One Pedro Mendes Pedro's going to get you. Playlist
4287 You're Gonna Win F*ck All! Sung to Chelsea + others who think they're better than us
4424 Stand Up If You Hate the Scum Stand up and be counted, we all hate the scummers. Playlist
5101 We're Gonna Win the League You better believe it, Harry army's on the up. Playlist
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