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Middlesbrough Top Chants (Page 7) Football Chants

Sounds of the Riverside! How many times will the Mackems get slated?

11479 Dirty Yorkshire... Scummers Playlist
11677 Mido! Old timer now Playlist
11737 She Said No Titus No means no Titus! Playlist
11907 You Fat Aaaaaaah! For the chunkies. Playlist
11930 Que Sera We're off to Wembley Playlist
12809 Tees Another one from the lads and lasses in the South stand Playlist
13316 Viva Afonso Alves (A take on Viva Ronaldo)
13374 Glory Supporters For the truest fans only.
13417 Shearer Wherever You Maybe Alan taking Newcastle to the Championship, lovely job
13536 Love Boro to tune of Man U song "Love United and hate Glazer". This was sung at Derby away
  Premier League Betting
13827 Salad Dodgers Taking the mick out of the big fellas up the road
13840 Mike Ashley We Love Im The toons great owner, honerary Boro fan for f*cking up Newcastle
13952 Youll Never Take The Boro taking the boro
14020 We Hate Sunderland Say no more.
14092 We Support Our Local Team For those clubs who are supported by fans abroad
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