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Middlesbrough Top Chants (Page 7) Football Chants

Sounds of the Riverside! How many times will the Mackems get slated?

11507 She Said No Titus No means no Titus! Playlist
11691 Mido! Old timer now Playlist
11723 You Fat Aaaaaaah! For the chunkies. Playlist
11939 Que Sera We're off to Wembley Playlist
12992 In Your Sunderland Slums Rats for tea.
12996 Rochemback Sang at the Riverside after Rocky scored that dodgey freekick v Villa. To "Rocking All Over The World"
13053 It's A Heartache New Song
13148 Small Town In Europe Sang at the UEFA Cup final
13314 We Got The Best Defence In The North Taken from Liverpools "we got the best midfield in the world"
13342 Marfan Emnes Remake of Pigbag
13352 Town Full Of Geordies To p*ss of the Mackem's.
13431 Stewy Downing On The wing For club and country.
13451 P.A.R.M.O. Celebrating the beauty Parmo's
13920 Love Boro to tune of Man U song "Love United and hate Glazer". This was sung at Derby away
13981 The Pope Vs The Geordies Yet another song about the Geordies.
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