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Marching On Together! Definitely in the top tier of support in Europe. Always amazing away from home. If you're a neutral or foreigner wanting to watch an English game, then get a ticket for a Leeds away game, they turn up in big numbers and create a massive support. "We All Hate Leeds Scum" is our most popular song, sung by nearly every team on the UK site; be proud of that Leeds fans :)

4406 Dirty Leeds We're dirty and we don't care. My mobile ringtone Playlist
4442 ITV Fans reaction to cr*p coverge on ITV. They had to turn the mic's off for a bit. Youtube for the covereage, good work!) Playlist
4585 Stand Up Cos You Can't Sit Down Standing's better anyway! Playlist
4691 We Nicked Your Microphone Hilarious chant from when Leeds caused chaos at Histon, pinching their microphone and singing into it, "ITV is f*cking s*it" went live across the nation. Quality. Playlist
4806 Radebe Fanchant in honour of the Chief. (Ed: New better audio) Playlist
4875 We're Not Famous Anymore - Walsall Always wondered what we sounded like. Classic to Walsall's taunt - they clap! Playlist
4906 Luciano Becchio Simple song for the Argentine front man Playlist
5003 Your Dad Leeds fans 'avin ago at Darren Ferguson & His dad Alex Ferguson (Like father, like son) Playlist
5209 Snoddy Oi Oi Oi On fire at the moment Leeds chant for Robert Snodgrass Playlist
5296 What Is Going On? Sang a few times in the bad times. Playlist
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5349 Scum, Scum, Scum Usually directed at ex or current Scumchester United players (Ed: You may want to use this as a profile ringtone for any Man United fans you know) Playlist
5375 We Hate Man U Scumchester United haters. Playlist
5519 We Can See You Sneaking Out Simple, to the point and passionate. Playlist
5631 South Stand Gis' A Song Leeds United Kop Chantin to the South Stand at Elland Road. Playlist
5655 Bad Ref Do your job man Playlist
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