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Marching On Together! Here are the best fanchants from the Mighty Whites.

94 Marching On Together All-time classic Leeds fanchant. One of the best club anthems around. Sorry this is chorus only. Playlist
172 Leeds At War Top rouser, hairs on the back of the neck stuff (Ed: Get this as yer ringtone) Playlist
192 When I Was Just A Little Boy Sung at most games Playlist
325 We All Love Leeds (Extended version) Truly an anthem now. (Ed: Extended version so excuse if takes a while to come through. Well worth the wait :)). Playlist
408 And We Play All The Way For Leeds United All time classic from the old days, still sung. Playlist
568 Leeds Are Going Up To the tune of 'Give it up' Playlist
657 Posh Spice Various versions of this going round! Playlist
730 Gelderd Aggro The original, scousers seem to think it was Bertie Mee asking Bill Shankley. Playlist
737 Leeds United F.C. A fantastic, rousing, Leeds chant sung by Leeds fans. Playlist
822 Forever And Ever We'll keep the white flag flying high! (Ed: Better audio added) Playlist
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823 Yorkshires Republican Army Another classic from the terraces. Not a great recording though, sorry. Playlist
837 January 3rd On January 3rd 2010 Leeds Beat Man Utd at Old Trafford (ED: Great vid too) Playlist
866 Enoch Showumni United's 21 Who's the daddy? Playlist
878 Your Ground's From B & Q Sung at Colchester 06/07 season Playlist
892 We All Love Leeds, We Hate Ken Bates Get the Chelsea out of Leeds Playlist
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