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Ipswich Top Chants (Page 4) Football Chants

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10849 Football In A Library The other fans are so rubbish it's as quiet as a library Playlist
10863 You Might As Well Go Home You're not doing anything here. Sung to rubbish supporters. Playlist
10878 Sit Down Shut Up Never gets old Playlist
10901 I Wanna Go Home - Leeds It's a dump at Elland road Playlist
11007 There's Only One Carlos Edwards For our Right back from trinidad Playlist
11121 Suffolk! That's us - good ringtone for an Ipswich fan Playlist
11227 Warnock You're A C*nt Sung to Neil Warnock no less. Playlist
11431 Ipswich! Very similar to the clap version but with a bit more umph Playlist
11568 Empty Seats Terrible support for the opposing teams - there's no one 'ere! Playlist
11640 Your Support Rubbish supporters Playlist
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11657 Oh Jimmy Bullard Oh Jimmy Playlist
11816 We're The Team That Sent You Down Sung to Leeds when they went down to First Division Playlist
11821 Alan Lee Goal To the tune of Spandau Ballets Gold Playlist
12014 Super Jim Magilton Another for former boss Jim Magilton Playlist
12098 Oooh David McGoldrick Our English striker at Ipswich Town Playlist
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