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Ipswich Top Chants (Page 4) Football Chants

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9995 I.R.A Old School Chant from the North Stand Hardcore
10105 Ring of Fire Ipswich Goes on forever Playlist
10571 Bouncy Bouncy Great Day!
11189 From the Banks of the River Orwell Classic
11666 Chim Chimney Chim Chimney All Norwich fans
11778 Build a Bonfire Waheey
11900 You Might as Well Go Home You're not doing anything here. Sung to rubbish supporters. Playlist
11954 Blue Army! Blue Army! Another barmy Ipswich football chant. Playlist
12465 If I Had the Wings of a Sparrow - Ipswich Old song, sung by many, Ipswich sing it best
12470 I Would Rather Be a Farmer Than a Thief Sung to scousers
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12503 You've Only Got One Song Sung when fans sing the same thing over and over again Playlist
13110 While We Send You Down Another one sung to Leeds when they got relegated Playlist
13159 And It's Ipswich Town Another football chant classic from Ipswich Town fans. Cracking Ipswich download. Playlist
13293 If You All Hate Norwich Clap Yer Hands Hand's together now... Playlist
13432 You Mean F**k All to Us Sung to Col U
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