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Ipswich Top Chants (Page 2) Football Chants

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5160 My Old Man Bit stupid isn't he Playlist
5180 Blue Army Ipswich Ipswich Town army keeps marching on the the Premier League. Playlist
5520 Brighton Are Better Than You Sung at Palace to wind 'em up. Playlist
5697 We All Follow The Ipswich On to Victory - great chant, makes a good ringtone for an Ipswich supporter
6030 Who's The Pride Of Anglia And who's the s*it?! Playlist
6140 Shall We Sing A Song For You Sung when it’s all gone quiet over there. Playlist
6261 I Am An Ipswich Fan To the tune of anarchy Playlist
6499 Get Into Em Sung to inspire Town to get stuck in. Playlist
6639 Ole, Ole, Ole, Ole, Pablo Pablo Counago (LEGEND) Playlist
6998 Na Nanana Ipswich John would be proud Playlist
7077 Who Are Ya? Old classic football chant. Playlist
7180 Clap Blues Great Ipswich Town football ringtone. Playlist
7375 We Forgot That You Were Here Like being in church. Playlist
7610 Who's That Team? Legendary Playlist
8138 While We Send You Down Another one sung to Leeds when they got relegated Playlist
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