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Hull Top Chants (Page 7) Football Chants

Roaring stuff from the Tigers.

16733 Viva Marlon King Viva ronaldo Tune but Marlon King is Better
16960 There's Only One Sang to Micheal Turner nearly every Match
16973 Engaland Sang in the tune of "we are hull" and Sang to Man Utd when they sang about Argentina for Tevez.
17141 Two Deanos Deans Windass & Marney
17193 You Don't Know What Your Doin Sang to offend the Referee when he makes a rubbish decision.
17206 More Noise At A Funeral sang to teams who don't sing
17234 Phil Brown Is Magic Phil Browns song
17325 Glory Glory Hull City!! sing it to the tune of glory glory man united (gr8 wen ur pissed)
17342 01482 Sung At Leeds (Assume this is referring to the telephone code)
17432 Kiamil Zayatte Plays For Guinea Kamil Zayatte Hulls Guinea international
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17433 Jay-Jay Okocha Sang for Jay-Jay kocha during his spell for Hull
17445 S*** Ground No Fans Sang to teams with crap grounds and lots of empty seats, Obiously not the KC
17467 I Can See My House From Here Sang in ST James Park in the FA Cup 3rd Round Replay
17679 Disco Danny Cousin Could be sang to Danny Cousin after he danced after the Hull City vs Arsenal game
17690 Geo! Sang to Geovanni after he does something special which is most of the time
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