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Hull Top Chants (Page 7) Football Chants

Roaring stuff from the Tigers.

17043 Furgeson'S Face made up for Hull vs Man Utd
17063 Back To Your S*** Hole Sang to most teams but mostly from London.
17250 Geovanni Song! LET'S GET EVERYONE TO SING THIS SATURDAY! Song for geovanni, a bit more creative than just GIO GIO
17262 That Boy Geovani From when he scored the equalizer at Arsenal
17271 4-1 Up You Still Don't Sing Sang to Man Utd when we were losing 4-1 and they wern't singing. (But we had a great comeback)
17325 Feed The Scousers Sang Against Liverpool when Hull we're 2-0 up at Anfield
17424 Geo Geo Good lyric and we should bounce like liverpool and learn these lyric and sing it on next away day
17469 Jozy Altidore Made it up
17470 We're Just Too Good For You Sang to teams we are beating by a wide margin, e.g. West Brom 3-0
17529 You're Not English Any More Sung after beating Arsenal
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17667 Disco Dancing Mendy sang to bernard mendy
17679 Nice Ground Sh*t Fans Sang to Arsenal at the Emirates when the Arsenal fans were quiet throughout the game. No wonder we beat them
17732 Jimmy The Best By Far Short but effective
17886 Goal Kick Shouted whilst a goalkick is being taken by the oppositions keeper to force a miss-kick
17889 105 Years when opposite fans say about our lack of throphies and no history
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