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Hull Top Chants (Page 6) Football Chants

Roaring stuff from the Tigers.

15932 Delroy Facey Sang in the FA Cup 3rd round replay, for our old Striker Delroy Facey
16021 We've Done It Before Could be sang at Arsenal
16074 Sing Your Hearts Out Generic song to prod quiet fans into supporting the team.
16120 Disco Danny Cousin Could be sang to Danny Cousin after he danced after the Hull City vs Arsenal game
16130 Are You Arsenal In Disguise Sang against Tottenham Hotspur just after beating Arsenal 2-1.
16145 The Duke Is On Fire Sang to Matt Duke
16235 Glory Glory Hull City!! sing it to the tune of glory glory man united (gr8 wen ur pissed)
16349 Peter Halmosi For the tigers winger
16356 The Great Escape Sang because of the great escape when Hull were sure to get relegated to the conference untill Warren Joyce helped the Tigers Survive.
16370 We'Ve Got More Points Than You Sang to any team with less points than us
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16561 Oh East Yorkshire OH EAST YORKSHIRE
16562 Loyal Supporters Sang to either our own fans or their fans when there is a wide margin between the two teams and fans are leaving before the game is over
16579 Furgeson'S Face made up for Hull vs Man Utd
16672 Olofinjana olofinjana
16770 Sit Down And Read A Book Sang To quiet Fans
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