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Hull Top Chants (Page 4) Football Chants

Roaring stuff from the Tigers.

10185 Peter Halmosi For the tigers winger
10248 We've Scored More Goals Then U've Got Stands Sang to Bournemouth many years ago when city scored 4 and they only had three stands.
10255 We Shall Not Be Moved Good song lets sing it at bolton
10520 We Pay Ur Benifits sung at liverpool
10531 We Are City Made up song, similar to Millwalls
10769 Brownio Sung at Wembley
11175 John Bostock For our loan hero
11228 Viva Marlon King Viva ronaldo Tune but Marlon King is Better
11325 Feed The Scousers Sang Against Liverpool when Hull we're 2-0 up at Anfield
11450 Steve Gerrard, Gerrard Chant against Gerrard.
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11482 Super Sub Our own super sub
11588 Engaland Sang in the tune of "we are hull" and Sang to Man Utd when they sang about Argentina for Tevez.
11644 His Name Is Geovanni! One for the legendary Geovanni!!!
11786 Follow Follow Made it up it sounded cool
11823 Hello! Hello! We are the city boys,
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