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Hull Top Chants (Page 4) Football Chants

Roaring stuff from the Tigers.

8889 Deano For goal machine Dean Windass - unbelievable. Playlist
8902 Wembley Sang in the 07/08 season when Hull City were in the play off final Playlist
9575 Only One Deano Hull striker Dean Windass Playlist
9737 Brownie Give Us A Wave Sang to Phill Brown, which normally concludes in a Phill Brown wave:) Playlist
9817 There's Only One Ken Bates Taking the p*ss out of Leeds for their owner who they hate Playlist
10580 Andy Dawson (Clap) For Hull City's top stopper. Playlist
10612 Hughes Sang to Bryan Hughes Playlist
10614 4-1 Up You Still Don't Sing Pathetic support Playlist
11087 Woah Hand Ball Goes on a good while Playlist
11267 Frazier Campbell Had his best years at Hull, his goals took us up Playlist
13322 Kiamil Zayatte Plays For Guinea Kamil Zayatte Hulls Guinea international
13323 5-4 Sang to Manchester City when they were winning 4-0 and 4-1
13337 S*** Ground No Fans Sang to teams with crap grounds and lots of empty seats, Obiously not the KC
13545 Super Kevin Francis Sang to an old Hull Player in the 2000/2001 season
13557 Geo! Sang to Geovanni after he does something special which is most of the time
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