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Crystal Palace Top Chants (Page 3) Football Chants

Sing like an eagle.

4759 W*nker Send the mp3 to someone you like. Playlist
5065 Wahey Hey Wilfried Zaha Great ringtone material... Playlist
5515 Walking In A Freedman Wonderland A hero of our football club and worthy of a spot on my mobile phone. Playlist
5679 Who's That Team We Call The Palace? Up the Palace Playlist
5773 Stand Up If You Love Palace Not the best recording but off yer seats lads Playlist
5797 Mile Jedinak Ode to the Aussie... Playlist
5823 No One Hates You No One Cares Not the best recording. Worth putting in as is funny, sung against Charlton. Playlist
5913 We're Just Too Good For You Understatement alert... Playlist
6128 Julian Speroni The great Argie Goalie... Playlist
6175 Sing When Yer Winning Chirping up when it doesn't matter. Playlist
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6770 Here For The Palace Sung to visiting teams Playlist
6938 E I E I E I O Variation on the theme Playlist
6980 Palace Till I Die And thereafter. Playlist
7329 Jonny Williams Ode to the Welsh Midfielder Playlist
7346 Shall We Sing A Song For You Bit quiet over thee ain't ya Playlist
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