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Cardiff City Top Chants (Page 11) Football Chants

The Welsh doing what they do best.

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20468 Roger Johnson He's English but he's ours. Playlist
20575 Don't Sack Mackay Screaming to the world about the injustice of Tan's impending decision Playlist
20610 Burn the Lot tune of the wheels on the bus
20812 Time Waster not in a big hurry then? Playlist
20814 We're Going Up as Champions Playoffs? Pah... Playlist
20985 We're Top of the League Numero uno Playlist
21132 Are You Watching Leighton James? Leighton James are you watching?
21165 Wembley We're on our way to Wembley. A Welsh invasion. Playlist
21652 I Wanna Go Home Middlesborough...Taxi Playlist
21662 Shoes Off Swansea scum
  Premier League Betting
21681 Hate Leeds Scum We hate leeds
21758 Do the Ayatollah Jonesy The boss giving it the Ayatollah. Playlist
22104 Ccfc Other teams done similar things
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