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Birmingham City Top Chants (Page 6) Football Chants

Brummies singing the blues.

10854 He Scores Goals Marlon King scoring machine Playlist
10962 Oh Sullivan Ex-Owner, what a nob Playlist
11006 Where's Your Famous Paedophile? Sung to Leeds Playlist
11098 Only 10 Singing No noise from the opposition fans Playlist
11135 Woah, Woah Brum hum along Playlist
11142 We're Winning Away Sung at West Brom away Sept 2010 Playlist
11348 Jean Beausejour Ex-winger for the blues, we sold him to Wigan Playlist
11381 I Wanna Go Home Newcastle Version Newcastle is driving me to it Playlist
11538 Oh Barry Ferguson For the Scottish midfielder, no longer with us Playlist
11583 Who The Hell Are You? Eh? Playlist
11612 You'll Never Play Us Again Sang to those going down Playlist
11614 Sullivan Wears A Russian Hat What a tosser Playlist
11625 Jim'll Fix It A variation on 'we are brummies' - sung at Leeds Playlist
11793 She Said No, Saville Ditty about allegations about Jimmy Saville Playlist
12001 England's Number 6 Having a laugh at Green's expense Playlist
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