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Birmingham City Top Chants (Page 6) Football Chants

Brummies singing the blues.

10870 All Dance If You Hate Villa Accompanied with dancing, waving arms...
10890 The Villa Family Der, der, de, dum, tut, tut.
11096 Spunky Seaman Sung when Ron Saunders was manager and David Seaman was goalie.
11105 Jim'll Fix It A variation on 'we are brummies' - sung at Leeds Playlist
11132 Lou Macari Changed from Skip to my Lou after he walked out on Blues to take over at Stoke in 1991.
11138 Blue And White Blue and White (Ed: Not really a chant but a proper song. Have put up as it's not too bad. See Youtube for the tune)
11301 Heeeeeeeey Scousers Sung to you know who to the tune of Hey Baby.
11315 Just Can't Get Enough Not sure of the lyrics on this one... Playlist
11342 Liam Ridgewell Joined The Blues Liam Ridgewell
11411 Let Him Die To a opposing player when injured Playlist
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11453 The River Cole About the River Thames. (to the tune of saints go marching in).
11477 Bowyer Watch Ya Back When bowyer's got the ball
11485 Super Seb super super seb
11646 Drink Booze All Day Sorry, not the full chant Playlist
11713 Is That Dead Sheep On Your Head Curly capered funny sung to Ivan Campo of Bolton last season.
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