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Birmingham City Top Chants (Page 6) Football Chants

Brummies singing the blues.

7699 You Fat For porky pig Playlist
7703 Everywhere We Go Who are we, Who are we?
7741 We Pay Your Benefits Having a go at the poor scousers
7767 Sign On! We hate scousers
7808 Sing When You're Winning Sing up when they are winning, don't sing when they are losing Playlist
7840 Carlos Costly Song for the blues flop costly
7939 You're Not Fit To Referee sung when the refs sh*t
8001 Birmingham's "Paul Mcgrath" Remix They take the wotsit out of our anthem, we'll do the same
8032 Dirty Old Town Not sure of the lyrics. If you know them then add to the comments and we'll add them to the correct lyrics box Playlist
8116 Steward Is A Blues Nose Sang when Brum see the steward cheering
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8137 Shoes Off How much you love them
8184 We Always Get Bad Refs Always the same Playlist
8264 Sullivan Wears A Russian Hat What a tosser Playlist
8268 Get Into 'em You know the rest Playlist
8307 Take Me Home St.Andrews
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