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Birmingham City Top Chants (Page 5) Football Chants

Brummies singing the blues.

11383 If You Can't Talk Proper Sang to Geordies and the like Playlist
11416 You've Never Won Pitiful team Playlist
11429 Ran From The Milwall Terrible support, running from those muppets Playlist
11434 Steve Bruce's Barmy Army As barmy as he is. Playlist
11557 Saville Is Your Dad Another one for Leeds fans Playlist
11565 I Wanna Go Home Leeds Version Leeds is a dump Playlist
11571 You Fat... For porky pig Playlist
11623 We'll Meet Again Usually sang to those on their way to relegation Playlist
11681 We're Winning Away Sung at West Brom away Sept 2010 Playlist
11729 Brum Will Tear You Apart ...again Playlist
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11762 Steven Carr's Got No Hair For our bald capitan Playlist
11935 All Talk Fannie Why don't you speak English! Playlist
11968 Drink Booze All Day Sorry, not the full chant Playlist
12063 Only 10 Singing No noise from the opposition fans Playlist
12131 Stand Up If Yer Not In Debt On our feet boys Playlist
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