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Birmingham City Top Chants (Page 4) Football Chants

Brummies singing the blues.

2789 All Talk Fannie Why don't you speak English! Playlist
2801 Only 10 Singing No noise from the opposition fans Playlist
2850 Who the Hell Are You? Eh? Playlist
2890 Where's Your Famous Paedophile? Sung to Leeds Playlist
2900 Oh Barry Ferguson For the Scottish midfielder, no longer with us Playlist
2924 You'll Never Play Us Again Sang to those going down Playlist
2983 Jim'll Fix It A variation on 'we are brummies' - sung at Leeds Playlist
3064 England's Number 6 Having a laugh at Green's expense Playlist
3093 De Der De Another humming tune Playlist
3116 David Sullivan Our ex-Chairman and owner, we no likey Playlist
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3123 Send You Down Sang at Shearer when he managed Newcastle and we played em Playlist
3449 Heskey the Traitor Heskey the traitor
3528 Lou Macari Changed from Skip to my Lou after he walked out on Blues to take over at Stoke in 1991.
3594 City Aggro Old classic, sung at a few other clubs.
3850 We Hate Villa More Than You Ed: See Youtube
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