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Brummies singing the blues.

2437 City (clap) Simple but effective, sounds good on the mobile phone. Playlist
2498 We're All Going on a European Tour Too right Playlist
2513 Time to Go We can see em sneaking out. Nice tune. Rounded off with V's in the air shouting "f**k off". A 'keeper' for most fans. Playlist
2610 If You All Hate Villa Clap Yer Hands Hands together then. Playlist
2809 De Der Der Der De A humming kinda tune. Playlist
2882 O'Connor The song says it all really. Playlist
3195 That's Why You're Going Down Sung to those who are going down, the reason being the appauling football being witnessed at the time. Playlist
3425 We Always Get Bad Refs Always the same Playlist
3570 Champions Ball Let's go Playlist
3611 We Don't Care About Carson More on Carson Yeung Playlist
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3763 Feed the Scousers Brum sing away or home against Liverpool Playlist
3771 McSheffrey Song for Birmingham's top man Gary McSheffrey. Playlist
4068 Craigy Gardner Is a Blue He hates villa Playlist
4075 Cheer Up Billy Davies Sung at Billy Davies when we were away at Derby Playlist
4096 DJ Campbell Heroes chant for one of our boys. DJ Campbell chant. Playlist
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