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Everton Made Up football songs

Toffees celebrate the blue half of the Pool!

662 Wembley, Wembley! Heard it in the pub - sung by some old fella. BRILLIANT!
1697 Tell Saha Saha A chant for the guy who put us to Wembley Louis Saha (Ed: Not sure of the significance of tea?)
2690 Tim Cahill Evertons' Seventeen His tattoo proved he was a blue cahill.
3593 Louis Saha Better than the Torres song, for the man that got us to the semis!
10292 Super Dan Gosling When we knocked Liverpool in 4th round of fa cup
14819 Steven Gerrard he hit a man very hard
18211 Steve Gerrard - Phil Collins Gerrard DJ dig - To Volare

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