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Chelsea Made Up football songs

Stamford Bridge letting everyone know they are back on top form!

6473 In Response to No History Funny Sh*t
7307 Put Your Hands Up for Mikel This would create a great atmosphere
7665 Scary Alex Would you stand up to him?
7961 Branny Ivanovic Super Branny Ivanovic
8550 Cheryl Cole Song avin a go
10853 F*ck of Scouse Sung in Return to Chelsea No History Funny having a go...
12830 Cheap Scousers Poor Scousers, in tracksuits all the time
12876 Whos That Man We All Adore Lampard better than Gerrard
13202 Follow Follow Follow 2009 Sorry Bridgie, we got a new man from Serbia who did something bigger than you
13430 God Save Our Team God Save the Chelsea
  Premier League Betting
16538 Essien-En-En This man is awesome. Behold the Bison
17467 Ricardo Quaresma One for the new man
21938 Red's Not the Colour ''They'' refers to Arsenal, Liverpool or Man U and ''we'' refers to Chelsea

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