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142 Manchester United Mata Tata NEW Adios senor rental... Playlist
1285 Arsenal We've Got Vermaelen Ver-Marley (Vermaelen) to 'I Shot the Sheriff' Playlist
13154 Manchester United Viva Macheda Another song for our new superstar Macheda
13242 Everton Louis Saha Better than the Torres song, for the man that got us to the semis!
13372 Aston Villa We Are One We are one
13467 Sunderland Ashley And Wise (To The "Blaydon Races") Just something I made up to sum up the current muppet show at Sid James.
13472 Sunderland Steed Malbranque Is A Legend Malbranque is a legend, made up Sunderland song for him
13509 Manchester United You're Not Famous Anymore Sing to Leeds and Liverpool.....
13541 Manchester United We Won The World Club Championship Happy days
13569 West Bromwich Albion Ronaldo After His Crash Ronaldo after his car crash - I made this up
13636 Arsenal Terrys Mum In Tesco Song about Terry's mothers antics in Tesco
13638 West Bromwich Albion Abdulye Meite The same sung as artim sakri
13665 Chelsea F*ck Of Scouse Sung In Return To Chelsea No History Funny having a go...
13787 Manchester United Trophyless In Merseyside No trophy again in Liverpool
13819 Everton Tim Cahill Evertons' Seventeen His tattoo proved he was a blue cahill.
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