Royal blue and White football scarf

Birmingham City Made Up football songs

Brummies singing the blues.

1318 Oh the Holte End We hate Villa
1633 Take Me Home St.Andrews
7741 Yams Yams wanna destroy villa and wolves
11358 John Carew Scum John Carew... Carew Hes Sh*t Like His Hole Team Too...
13473 Benitez Woah Oo New chant for record signing
13614 Frank Quedrue A song about Blues French Left Back, Frank Quedrue.
16214 Take Me Home to St Andrews Home of Birmingham
18309 Birmingham's "Paul Mcgrath" Remix They take the wotsit out of our anthem, we'll do the same
19362 Blue and White Blue and White (Ed: Not really a chant but a proper song. Have put up as it's not too bad. See Youtube for the tune)

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