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15168 Aston Villa Best Midfield In The World Best 4 mids in the world
15418 Nottingham Forest Anderson Running Down The Wing (To The Tune Of Robin Hood, Robin Hood) Great song, sing it!
15589 Birmingham City John Carew Scum John Carew... Carew Hes Sh*t Like His Hole Team Too...
15623 Birmingham City Birmingham's "Paul Mcgrath" Remix They take the wotsit out of our anthem, we'll do the same
15773 Newcastle 1-0, 3-1 Up To the tune of nick nack paddywack
15811 Aston Villa Ollie Ollie Ollie I love that chant BY CALLUM G
16118 Aston Villa We All Love Big John To the tune of Liverpool's number 9, Villa's one for carew
16181 Birmingham City Blue And White Blue and White (Ed: Not really a chant but a proper song. Have put up as it's not too bad. See Youtube for the tune)
16223 Cardiff City My Old Man Must admit, adjusted from a utd chant. still relevant tho
16345 Cardiff City Peter Whittingham Running Down The Wing Could use for other players if he goes!
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16539 Reading Psycho Killer Just a made up one should be a classic
16556 Blackburn Rovers We Paid For Your Hats Made up for the coppers
16597 Nottingham Forest Southampton Point Docking Chant One for the Southampton fans, last day of the 08/09
16693 Birmingham City Yams Yams wanna destroy villa and wolves
16734 Cardiff City No One Likes Us After the derby were getting abused everywhere!
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