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Born singers, need we say more.

866 He Plays on the Left... Nathan Dyer Sung when hes on top of the defence bacially all game then...
1252 Super Darren Prately Sang to cheer on super Da
2891 Van der Gun! he's great
4570 Team of Alan Tates Ryan told me this 1 but a ledge song
4898 I Saw My Mate.. Stephen Dobbie Swansea football song for our little ranger stephen dobbie
5182 Lee Trundlee Get Us Up too no. 19
6171 Feed the Bull Sung for Gorka Pintado
6246 When Scott Goes Marching Down the Wing Swansea football song sung for Scott Sinclair
6404 Lee Trundle, My Lord anthem off lee
7533 Jason Scotland Top man for the City. Playlist
  Premier League Betting
7924 He Scores Jason Scotland Swanseas number 9
8208 Who Needs Mourinho Our own special one Roberto Martinez Playlist
8305 Daddy's Boy Grow some Playlist
8640 Joe Allen Our yuong Welsh superstar
8912 Scotty Sinclair Swansea Song for Scott Sinclair. Scott is actually engaged to Helen Flanagan who plays Rosie Webster (Sally Websters Daughter) in Corrie Playlist
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