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Norwich Hall Of Fame football songs

Canaries singing from the terrace tops.

2922 Wesley Hoolahan Na Nananana Playlist
5185 Russell Martin, Norfolk Cafu Just like the Brazilian full back Playlist
5537 Elliot Bennett Runs down the wing for me... Playlist
8959 Matty Paterson Matty Patersons Havin' A Good Time
9023 Cody Mcdonald Had A Farm For farmer Cody our young striker
10112 Glenn Roeder's Army NCFC One for former boss Playlist
10356 We Love You Paul Mcveigh To the tune of Tom Jones' "I love you baby"
10508 Jamie, Jamie Cureton Jamie Cureton up front for the City. Playlist
11046 We F**kin Love Grant Holt Now the official song for our legendary top scorer.
11101 One Tom Daley Sung at Ashley Young/ Suarez or any champion divers Playlist
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13954 McNamee To the tune of Nick Nack Paddy Wack
14987 Brian Gunn Baldy Brian Gunn
15743 Bryan Gunn Bryan Gunn
16221 King Of Spain Sung to Spanish lookalike and previously axed Simon Lappin
17327 Snake Pit And Barclay Barclay and Snake Pit
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