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9207 Cider, Cider.. The regional drink!! Playlist
11943 There's Only One Jamie Mackie Legendary goal scorerof ours Playlist
12219 Jamie Mackie Fox in the box. Playlist
13151 Alan Gow, My Lord Old chant as he doesn't play for us anymore Playlist
13347 Leroy Lita Not keen Playlist
13730 Do Do Do Lewis Alessandra Sang about our little no.7 (to the tune of 'Come on lets do the Conga') Playlist
15694 Fletch!! For the Captain..
16045 Timar The beast.
16046 Stéphane Zubar Zubarrrr!
16205 They're Not Getting Paid.. Playing with no pay..
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16446 Arnason! Kari Arnason!
17537 We All Dream Of A Team Of Larrieu's Le 'Keeper
17946 Follow Follow Trying to get it going Timar.
18096 Ashley, Ashley Barnes Our no 24
18704 He's Better Than Sean Bradley Wright-Phillips is better than Shaun
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