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Some of the Royals funnier chants in print, if you have any audios, send 'em in.

1045 Gibbo Give Us a Wave Nigel Gibbs - Reading Coach Playlist
1289 Shorey for England Sung before he actually played for England Playlist
2382 Only One Shane Long For our old striker Playlist
2654 Sal Bibbo... Sung at away games Playlist
3125 Brian McDermott For our main man Brian
5312 Brynjar Gunnarsson Worshipping our Icelandic defender/midfielder Playlist
5940 Doyle Is a Royal For Kevin Doyle Playlist
6027 Stephen Hunt, Hunt, Hunt Hunt, gone but not fogotten Playlist
6582 Brian McDermott - Slough He used to manage Slough... Playlist
6586 Stephen Hunt Nanananannaa Bloody good...
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7744 Griffin for England! Our old full back Playlist
8011 One John Madejski What a legend Playlist
8431 Kalifa, Cisse Reading chant for our French midfielder Playlist
11431 Brian Give Us a Wave Brian McDermott - our manager Playlist
13322 Steve Sidwell For the ginger man.
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