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Ipswich Hall Of Fame football songs

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6534 Ole, Ole, Ole, Ole, Pablo Pablo Counago (LEGEND) Playlist
9162 Only One Bobby Robson Legend, and our old manager - never forgotten Playlist
10193 Alan Lee Goal To the tune of Spandau Ballets Gold Playlist
10231 One Carlos Edwards For our Right back from trinidad Playlist
10779 Super Jim Magilton Another for former boss Jim Magilton Playlist
10955 Oh Jimmy Bullard Oh Jimmy Playlist
12210 Super Mick McCarthy Tribute to the man who kept ipswich up in 12/13 Playlist
12235 Oooh David McGoldrick Our English striker at Ipswich Town Playlist
12255 Tamas Priskin Old one for our ex Hungarian striker Playlist
12256 Paul Jewells' Barmy Army Great ringtone material Playlist
12275 Kieron Dyer Is A Blue Chant sung when he used to play for us Playlist
12675 Kieron, Kieron Another oldie Playlist
13421 Walking In A Walters' Wonderland Jonny Walters
17378 Hi Ho Sylvan Legwinski To the tune of Hi Ho Silver lining.
18134 That Boy Counago To the tune of 'that boy Ronaldo'.
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