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1522 The Gallowgate Is Always Full Of..... (answers on a postcard) Playlist
2145 When I Was Young.... Heard wherever Sunderland play Playlist
2411 Shearer Is A... The song says it all Playlist
3010 Taking The P*ss Loved singing this one, means we were right into em Playlist
3141 An N and an E and a W-C At least we can spell
3953 Lets All Laugh At West Brom Sung to the Baggies cos they are going down
4062 We Had Joy We had fun
4090 Stoke Is A Joke Sunderland rejects
4491 Cheat Dirty cheatin' b*stardos Playlist
4647 We Hate Boro We hate the Smoggies
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5042 Off, Off, Off Get off you ... Playlist
5086 Sell All Your Tickets Poor, poor support Playlist
5110 Pay Ya Benefits Sung to scousers and others
5185 Empty Seats, Me Lord Poor Support, [To the Tune of Kumbaya, My Lord]
6205 Monkey Hangers Hartlepool Monkey hangers
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