Royal blue and white football scarf

Colchester 'avin a go football songs

The 'U''s sing it loud and proud in Essex

7108 We Can See You Sneaking Out sung at away fans leaving early when losing Playlist
9163 Off, Off, Off Chanted to infuence the ref to send the player off. Playlist
9598 Sit Down Shut Up Chumps... Playlist
13206 F*ck Off Ipswich FC Sang by Col U fans wen they're against Ipswich
14139 Adams Park Is Full.... Sung to Wycombe Wanderers
14355 We Hate Ipswich We are the Ipswich haters!
14996 We Hate Southend We are the southend haters
15302 I Can't Read Sung to the Ipswich
15744 Its Nice To Know Its nice
17965 One Man Went To War One Man Went To War
18563 Build A Bonfire Build a bonfire.
18794 Portman Road Is Full Of.... Sung to the Ipswich Town
18939 Cheer Up Paul Lambert Norwich Scum
19011 Cheer Up Ipswich Town Suffolk scum
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