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AFC Bournemouth 'avin a go football songs

The Cherries by the sea - roarin' it out...

2854 Boo Good for a ringtone for someone you don't like :) Playlist
4102 Sing When You're Winning Come on sing up lightweights Playlist
4545 We Pay Your Benefits Money well spent Playlist
5138 Who Are Leeds United Has beens and nobodys Playlist
5353 Who Are Ya? Tell us who you are Playlist
5357 You're Supposed To Be At Home Sung when they all go quiet cos they are outsung by the Bournemouth Playlist
5640 We Forgot That You Were Here Sung when they sing up eventually Playlist
5866 S*it Ground, No Fans Sang away when they don't sell out their s*ithole Playlist
5970 You're Not Famous Anymore Sung at Leeds and Forest Playlist
6136 If You Follow Leeds United For those who like a lot of Leeds on their biscuit Playlist
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9969 Scummy Leeds Scum
10568 Hate Leeds If you hate the scum clap along
10904 Pitman, Wherever You May Be Could Be Worse
11580 Dig A Hole when an opposing player is faking an injury
11839 You Change Your Team Too Much The glory hunting gits!
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