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Stockport County 'avin a go football songs

Football club playing in the Non League, England

7056 United's Sh*t, City's Worse Anti-Manchester Playlist
7297 We're The Famous Stockport County This one's really buzzin... Playlist
11362 Stand Up If You Hate Man U Get up then! Playlist
12364 Off! Off! Off! Get em off! Playlist
12365 S*it Ground, No Fans A simple, but decent regular for the opposition Playlist
12591 Here For The County They're only here to see us Playlist
13019 You've Only Got One Song Just one?! Playlist
13074 Champions League Laugh How the mighty have fallen, hehe Playlist
13081 Cheerio, Cheerio Giddy up, off you go... Playlist
13311 Shall We Sing A Song For You? Bit of fun Playlist
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13432 One Peter Ridsdale Sang to Leeds, cheers Peter! Playlist
13501 And It's All Gone Quiet Sung to rubbish support we come across Playlist
13712 Staying Down Having a go at Leeds. Alas they went up eventually Playlist
13971 We all Hate Leeds Scum F off Leeds Playlist
14010 We Only Hate Man United Doesn't everyone. Good SCFC ringtone Playlist
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